Team Kentucky Extreme (Bowfishing)

Team Kentucky Extreme

Joe Nichols, Josh Cole & Adam Burton

Kentucky Extreme Bowfishing have all been friends forever but our competitive edge did not join forces until three short years ago.  Since then not only has our tournament success heightened, our friendship has grown stronger.  It’s safe to say the trio will be here to stay.  This bond has influenced us to travel to many destinations in the United States such as, Guntersville Lake for the Muzzy Classic, Kentucky and Barkley Lake for several different tournaments, and Texas and Louisiana for recreational shoots. We love the sport and wish for everyone else to have the opportunity to experience the passion we have for the sport.  That is why we promote bowfishing to people we meet as much as we can.  Hope the next year is as good as the last and remember anytime you get a chance, invite someone new to the outdoors.

Team Aquatic Archery (Bowfishing)

Team Aquatic Archery

Dan Boggs, Josh Holley & Dan Ashley

Team Aquatic Archery is based out of Greenwood, SC. Although they have only been bowfishing together for the last couple years, combined they share over 10 years experience. Aquatic Archery started shooting competitively last year and have shot tournaments regularly this year. They primarily shoot in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia but plan on expanding in the future. Aquatic Archery may be relatively new to the tournament scene but have already proven to be a contender and a team to watch out for in the future. 2010 was there 1st full year shooting competitively and they have acquired several wins already and numerous top 3 finishes. They also won the 2010 Upstate Bowfishing Points Championship in SC.