The C.P. Oneida Eagle Bow company has been owned and operated by Claude Pollington and his family since 2000. It was at that time having spent years as an Oneida dealer, assisting in research and development of the products, he purchased the Oneida Bow Company. His purchase was based on a desire to improve the product line and to ensure that this unique bow design remained available to loyal customers around the world. Claude knew, that day in 1982, when Ted Nugent gave him his first Oneida bow, that he was holding something special. The bow felt good, aimed easily and shot with authority. He was sold. Early the following year, he took on an Onedia dealership. Claude has been hunting for over five decades, yet still realizes that every day spent hunting is a learning experience. Some of this experience, company history, and whitetail wisdom can be found in his book “The Life of the Legendary Whitetail Wizard."

C.P. Oneida Eagle Bows

Each C.P. Oneida bow features Engineered Structural Composite outboard limbs, centered string alignment, ease of tuning and years of experience built in. The ESC limbs are molded to exacting tolerance, impervious to the elements and are indestructible under normal use. Cam positioning ensures equal power distribution to the limbs. It provides straight and level nock travel. It reduces arrow oscillation and greater energy transfer to the arrow. And as those who have shot an Oneida bow can attest, the smoothest draw in the industry. So join us, in the Oneida experience. Whether it is in the woods, on the water, or in competition – we have a bow that will help make you successful.
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Made in Michigan since 2000
using all U.S. made parts
and materials, including hardware
C.P. Oneida Bows
are featured on TV!
100% Made in USA
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